BDS has over 15 years of experience in processing of Tax forms. We offer W2 and 1099 processing services that allow you to focus on your year end closing and not on the time consuming task of printing and mailing of your tax forms. We offer a wide variety of services including E-W2 services, SSA and State electroinic filings, Re-Issue Website and Call Center, E-Filing sites, Archival DVD's and much more. We pride ourselves in providing a great service at a fair price. We also have the ability for custom jobs, such as the merging of data from two separate systems into 1 W2 export. We also have an impressive list of software vendors that we already have an export created that allows you to easily export your data to us. Whatever your needs we are here to help you suceed in your year end processing.


An electronic W2 or E-W2 allows you the employer another tool to provide your employees a better way to receive their year end data. With no software changes on your end you now have the ability to offer your employees a quick, easy way to receive their year end data in an electronic format. This allows you to save money over the normal print and mail method. It allows your employees the ability to retrieve not only this years information but prior years as well. (You must have processed prior years with BDS to have access to this information) All you need to implement this feature is to let BDS know that you want to offer this to your employees and then give your employees the website, W2COPY.com and your master company code! That's it! You employees now have access to their taxable earnings data quickly and easily!


Website Reissues
Tired of getting interrupted by employees who "Didn't receive their W2?" or who "I lost my W2?" well now you don't have to get frustrated! Just sign up for our Reissue services and let BDS take care of that for you! Just point your employees to W2copy.com and they can request address changes and have their W2 reissued by mail or email back to them. Depending on your company protocols the employee can be charged or not charged, the website accepts Visa and Mastercard (debit cards with these logos as well).

We also offer a full service Call Center to help those that do not have access to the internet. Our courteous and professional operators can field reissue calls, freeing up your company's time and resources. Our software makes changing an address and billing the employee, if necessary, a snap. We can email or mail the form back to the employee, while tracking important information such as reissue date/time and requestor. With our bilingual call center we can answer up to 95% of the routine calls placed for reissues, quickly and efficiently.


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+ Free up your time to focus on payroll processes
+ No need to hire temporary help for year end processing
+ Quick and Easy E-W2 service with no hassle registration
+ Handle reissues internally or through our resources
+ Archival with indexing for quick lookup of prior year data
+ Cost savings to you and no more wasted staff time



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